Only those companies with the strongest and most successful safety programs are considered for this partnership. We are honored to be recognized as an OSHA partner because it is solid proof that our Safety Programs and Policies meet the highest standards.

Our Safety Team is committed to the reduction of injuries, illnesses and risks associated with occupational and environmental hazards. The implementation of our safety program, including our proactive approach to regulatory compliance and continuing education is vital to our employees' welfare and our company's success.


Our exemplary safety record is evident on all jobsites. This is achieved through pre-construction safety meetings, mandatory safety policies, pre-task meetings, in-house training programs, site specific safety programs, extensive inspection process and subcontractor adherence to our requirements.

We are committed to achieving and maintaining our exceptional safety achievements. To that end, HANSEN-RICE, INC. continually strives to create a first-class safety culture committed to continuous improvement.

Smart Safety Initiatives:
- Pre-construction safety meetings
- Mandatory safety policies
- Pre-task meetings
- In-house training programs
- Site specific safety programs
- Extensive inspection process
- Subcontractor adherence to our requirements