Hansen-Rice, Inc. realizes the true cost of construction is what the dollar amount reads at the end of a project, not the beginning. The initial phases of any construction project are filled with critical decisions that can have long lasting effects on a facility. All sites are not created equal. From initial site-selection through project completion, HANSEN-RICE, INC. makes sure all particulars of the project meet your facility objectives.

At HANSEN-RICE, INC., we know that architecture consists of much more than just the visual and functional aspects of your building. Through our single-source approach, our in-house architects, engineers, and estimators, in conjunction with our trusted design partners, are able to consider the cost variables of the building process while designing. We bring to the table the ability to evaluate the building structurally in order to make sure we maximize possible alternatives to problematic areas in the design.

HANSEN-RICE, INC. incorporates the use of a highly trained team of architects, engineers, designers, estimators and project managers during the Design-Build process to create a system that is unique in the construction industry. The knowledge and efficiencies gained through our vast Design-Build experience provides our clients with quality facilities while saving them time and money throughout the process.

As with our design and engineering services, HANSEN-RICE, INC. takes a comprehensive approach to construction. When it comes to construction services, the goal of HANSEN-RICE, INC. is to substantially mitigate risk to the client throughout the entire project. Safety and quality are of the utmost of importance.

HANSEN-RICE, INC.'s approach to contracting is directed by our client’s needs.  We are flexible in our delivery methods and can preside over any form of construction management or general contracting.  Our nationwide experience allows us to bring together local and national subcontractors to provide the best value to any project.  This ability, teamed with our experienced construction professionals, allows us to construct your project safely, on time and on budget.

At the core of any building envelope design is an intimate understanding of what is required of the facility. Since 1983, Hansen-Rice, Inc. has been working with Clients to design, engineer and construct varying types building envelopes. We don’t force a facilities requirements to fit a specific building type and/or manufacturer; we work with our clients to identify the best building to meet their needs. In doing so, we take into consideration the following; applicable codes, equipment loading, necessary clearances, operational functions and future expansion capabilities. These and many other criteria are analyzed and integrated into a facility envelope design that achieves maximum flexibility. To ensure quality and building envelope performance, Hansen-Rice, Inc. self-performs the many building envelope components.

Very few companies can match HANSEN-RICE, INC.'s depth of experience in erection services. HANSEN-RICE, INC. has been ranked in the Top 3 Steel Builders by Metal Building News in the last ten years. Hansen-Rice, Inc. has the ability to combine the best elements of three related but independent worlds: the structural steel industry, the joist and girder industry and the pre-fabricated building industry. The result is a unique building system that provides our clients with the most cost-efficient building.